Web developer Simon Petrauskas

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming and five years of front-end web development experience.

I am responsible for creating and developing exciting graphics and visuals for client websites that make their pages beautiful and attractive. In addition to excellent programming and creativity, I rely on extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, YUI and Protoscript. I have strong analytical skills that I regularly put into practice through heuristic testing and observation of user interfaces.

Web development

Front-end, Wordpress

For Hour: $32.00
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My strong capabilities with creating visually stunning web pages and interfaces make me a valuable team member. I also possess strong interpersonal and social communication skills and can readily interact with coworkers and clients alike to achieve desired web page results. I have a strong detail focus and excellent time management skills, allowing for fast completion of web site projects.

I’m certain you will be impressed by the skills I can offer as a Front End Web Developer.

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