Web developer Serhei Tribushnii

My superior focus and attention to detail combined with my extensive knowledge of HTML Javascript XML and SQL/PLSQL makes me an exceptional choice.

Web development

Front-end, Wordpress

For Hour: $46.00
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In my current role as a Junior Web Developer I have developed web-based applications from design to coding and full implementation under the direction of the Senior Developer. By relying on solid programming knowledge as well as excellent oral and verbal communication I have consistently produced terrific code within customer-set deliverables time frames. Due to my diligence and hard work I have been awarded regular promotions and bonuses as a result. I bring a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology along with regular updates and certifications.

My abilities to produce excellent code and to clearly communicate and collaborate with coworkers, customers and management have led to company successes. I have five years of Junior Web Developer experience and am committed to staying up-to-date with all technological advancements. All of my qualifications make me an exceptional candidate for your project.

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