Designer Jurek Jaworski

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics and animation. I have been interested in arts and design for my whole life and decided to make it my profession so everything I do I do with love and passion. I decided to join the cohort of free-lancers because it provides me with flexibility of working hours and mobility which I value the most.


NOTE: The price mentioned is per hour 8h work shift, the price per hour for orders below 8h is 34 USD per hour, for orders above 8h the discounts available 😉


Design for mobile apps, Landing pages design

For Hour: $27.00
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I offer:

  • Offline Screens
  • Overlays
  • Profile Banners
  • Info buttons/panels
  • Typeface Logos (custom letter designs)
  • ProfilePics
  • Starting Screens
  • Lobby Screens
  • BRB Screens
  • Follower/Donation Notification images
  • Custom Illustrated Vector Logo

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